Shopping online can be tricky. Below is a fitting guide to make shopping on The Dress Co. a little easier. If you can, use a soft measuring tape, and a few items that you know fit well from your current wardrobe. These will act as your guides for measuring. You can contact us if you are still unsure and we will help you out however we can. 

Measurements found on Tonic for dresses, tops & skirts are taken flat across the front of the garment without stretching.  


1. Bust/Chest:
Measure across the garment from one side to the other just below the armpit. 

2. Waist
Measure at the natural waist, normally the narrowest part of the garment.  On a Dress, this measure would usually be at the elastic band. On a Top, measure halfway between the bust and the hip. On a Skirt, measure the waistline.

3. Hip
Usually found at the widest part of the garment or where the natural hips fall.  Measure across from one side to the other.

4. Length
Measure from the top of the shoulder to the lowest part of the garment whether it is a dress, top, or skirt.


5. Sleeve
Measure from inside the armpit to the end of the sleeve (hem).

Size Chart
   XS  S  M  L  XL
 Bust (inches)  31-32  33-34  35-36  37-38  40-42
 Waist (inches)  23-24  25-26  27-28  29-30  32-34
 Hips (inches)  33-34  35-36  37-38  39-40  42-43
 US  0  2-4  6-8  10-12  14
 Junior  0-1  3-5  7-9  11  13
 Jeans  24-25  26-27  27-28  28-29  30-31
 UK  4-6  8-10  10-12  14-16  18-20
 European (EU)  32-34  36-38  38-40  42-44  44-48